Asset Distribution


Digital Assets Under Management

Primary Assets:

The following primary assets are weighted according to USDC market value in terms of holdings. This will be updated on a weekly basis as the markets fluctuate to show transparency and accuracy of holdings.

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Logo Currency Symbol Holdings Weight Info Ledger
XLM Lumens XLM
79,224.80979299 XLM
16.1% More Info More Info
XRP Ripple XRP [xrp_holdings] NAN% More Info More Info
ALGO Algorand ALGO 20,711.091981 ALGO 3.2% More Info More Info
XDC XinFin XDC 136,206.351449027380092792 XDC 12.2% More Info More Info
MIOTA IOTA MIOTA 12,004.0 MIOTA 3.7% More Info More Info
Quant QNT 92.61604417 QNT 15.4% More Info More Info
Songbird SGB 70,791.53 SGB 0.6% More Info More Info
Flare (New) FLR 0,000,000 FLR 0.0% More Info More Info
Hedera Hashgraph (New) HBAR 82,228.9126849 HBAR 6.7% More Info More Info
SHx Stronghold SHX 773,966.3451778 SHX 0.9% More Info More Info
Shimmer SMR 1,216.156055 SMR 0.1% More Info More Info

MIOTA Staked Assets:

SMR & ASMB are staked 100% via MIOTA and are currently not tradable nor are there any price indication available until Staking is complete.

The second MIOTA Staking is now complete and will become tradable when markets go live.

We have moved SMR to the primary distribution as it is now publicly tradable.

Logo Currency Symbol Holdings Weight Info Ledger
Assembly ASMB 32,305.30 ASMB 100.0% More Info More Info

Stellar Staked Assets:

The following Speculative Asset Backed Digital Currencies are minted on the Stellar Blockchain and 9,913.08772759 XLM was used to to stake these assets.

Logo Currency Symbol Holdings Weight Info Ledger
Sovereign Gold Bonds SGB 920,185,494,187.8422 SGB 10.0% More Info More Info
Pendulum PENDULUM 82,944,699.884548 PENDULUM 10.0% More Info More Info
Pendulumswap PENDULUMSWAP 63,901,945.9585013  PENDULUMSWAP 10.0% More Info More Info
pBridge pBRIDGE 282,090,182.7772776 pBRIDGE 10.0% More Info More Info
pInterlayer pINTERLAYER 407,407,407.3703704 pINTERLAYER 10.0% More Info More Info
Pendulum Safe SAFEPEN 14,489,726.103 SAFEPEN 10.0% More Info More Info

TerenX has purchased the maximum supply a single wallet of Sovereign Gold Bonds can hold. No more will be purchased by TerenX. The XLM holdings of TerenX was used to purchase these assets. The correct asset value of XLM is 69,316.7269196 XLM

Last Updated on 07 September 2023 at 11:24 PM.

Price indication in USDC  (Pegged 1:1 with US Dollar) with the following Symbol “$”.

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