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The Future is Quantum!

TerenX is a full-service Digital Asset based on the financial infrastructure and technology organizations which are actively building the Quantum Financial System which is also known as ISO 20022.

We are investing in organizations that are building an economic infrastructure for the new internet (web 3.0), focusing on the power of Quantum Computing and the transformative ability to improve our economy and our world.

We believe the power of TerenX is our ability to help break down the complexities of financial systems and in the process empower people to grow their wealth by growing with us. We are facilitating that by simplifying the investment process by creating a Digital Asset that will be traded on all regulated digital exchanges for smooth stellar investment.

The TerenX digital asset will be backed by multiple digital assets that are part of the Quantum ecosystem. We believe that investing in multiple quantum technologies will create positive results for:

  • The organizations that require funding to build a better world for humanity; and
  • The return on investment for TerenX users will be positive since we are early investors into these new technologies.

Quantum computing in particular promises to totally upend the way we process information, rendering previously incomputable problems manageable, from the chemistry underpinning pharmaceutical discoveries to major challenges in codebreaking and materials science.

– Prof Michael Biercuk, director of the Quantum Control Lab at the University of Sydney, Australia.


Total Supply

$ 0.01

Current Token Price

Smoth Stellar Investment

Solving Real World Problems

In 2021 the world accepted Crypto Currencies as the future of money. The era of Blockchain and Crypto has just began and will dramatically change in coming months as we are shifting into a new world with the introduction of Quantum Technology which will bring positive change for all humanity.

Despite this, statistics show us that there is still a large divide between Financial literacy and technology and how this will change the future.

“As of 2021, we estimated global crypto ownership rates at an average of 3.9%, with over 300 million crypto users worldwide. And over 18,000 businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments.” Tripple A,

These statistics indicate that more than 96% of the world population are removed from the future of money and will mis out in the biggest revolution the world has seen.

We believe a contributing factor to this is:

  • Navigation the crypto landscape is difficult as there are so many different exchanges to buy from, so many wallets, so many currencies and how do we know which are not a scam and which are actual businesses.
  • Many people don’t know how to buy crypto or exchange them for other crypto currencies.
  • Staking crypto is something that less than 10% of all crypto users actually do as many people don’t know how.


TerenX has a goal: To be a market maker in the new financial system with a focus on organizations utilizing Quantum Technology. We do this by taking the hard work out of finding the right exchanges, wallets and currencies that are not scam coins and will bring positive returns for its investors.

The TerenX digital asset is weighted against all ISO 20022 Regulated Crypto currencies and the organizations that are building the Quantum new world we are about to enter.

It’s like we are creating the “S&P 500” of the new Quantum World.

TerenX will ensure best practices in:

  • Staking Crypto to receive maximum profitability while ensuring the Asset staked receives financial injection to assist in building their infrastructure.
  • Purchasing from trusted exchanges and stored in offline cold storage for added security and peace of mind.
  • Researching and finding the correct assets to invest in by providing ample supporting documentation on our selection.
  • Being transparent and showcase all information publicly which is available on our website with all supporting documentation and digital assets under management.
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