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In December 2021, IOTA Foundation introduced Assembly, a permissionless Smart Contracts network. Assembly will function as an intermediate layer for permissionless and interoperable Smart Contracts, and will have its own token called ASMB.

Assembly is build on top of the Tangle, it will need the Tangle for anchored state updates, interoperability between chains, for Native Assets and general access to a congested network.

  • Assembly is a scalable multi-chain network for sharded, composable smart contracts.
  • Assembly offers shared security, trustless interoperability, atomic composability and feeless cross-chain transactions.
  • Assembly is fully EVM-compatible (Solidity) and additionally supports WebAssembly (Rust, TinyGo, TypeScript). Developers enjoy the flexibility to customize validator requirements, smart contract language and even define incentives and fee structures. Zero fee smart contracts, anyone?

“We believe that Assembly will be a governance layer for IOTA applications.”

100,000,000,000 ASMB

Total Circulating Supply

No Data

Since inception in 2021

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