Development on the XinFin XDC network has seen the platform register a record growth, with the new smart contracts feature continuing to attract more developers.

The increasing number of smart contracts on XDC Network validate that the network will likely emerge as a significant competitor to Ethereum, dominating the space. XDC Network is fully Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, which positions it to attract a large community of Ethereum developers and encourages various Dapps, which are built on Ethereum Network, to migrate over to XDC. Near zero gas fees, 2 second transaction time, lowest energy consumption blockchain network and 2000 TPS are also other factors that make it attractive to build on XDC Network introduced as The Latest Ethereum Killer.

Although XDC Network is a relatively underrated blockchain Network, the growth of the smart contract is a significant milestone as the network moves to become the go-to blockchain for the development of decentralized apps.

The smart contracts feature that followed the November Andromeda upgrade saw XDC Network enact several measures to entice developers.

The smart contract is among the latest features contributing to the XinFin XDC network’s adoption. XDC Network is one of the most developed cryptocurrency projects on Github in 2021, alongside Cardano and Polkadot.

The XinFin XDC Network’s benefits over Ethereum and have attracted more projects. The XDC Network will soon have two more DEXs to list all XRC20 Tokens. BlocksScan Explorer has confirmed 1.7k+ contracts and 1 million active wallets on the network. website recently added resource and toolkit link for the developers at:  This link gives detailed information on various development resources and tools information required to deploy dApps and smart contracts on XDC Network. Project Funding and grants support also attract developers to move to XDC Network.

XDC price

XinFin XDC Network backers project that the ongoing network upgrades and adoption will likely act as a catalyst to the growth of XDC, the network’s native token. The 24 hours volume increased by 42.28% at the price of $0.083 as per Coinmarketcap at the time of writing.

Source: Bitcoinist