IOTA expressed:  ATTENTION: IOTA Pre-Staking Starts Now 1. Download Firefly 1.3.0 2. Pre-stake your tokens (you have 7 days) 3. Sit back, relax and receive SMR & ASMB rewards from Dec 28th @ 3PM CET for 90 days.

Hornet node operators – be sure to update your nodes to include the staking events configuration, if you want to track the fair distribution of Shimmernet and Assemblynet staking rewards.

For clarity, IOTA staking for the Shimmer network (SMR tokens) and the Assembly network (ASMB tokens) started on 21st of December, at 3:00 pm CET with a seven-day pre-staking period.

Token holders can begin their staking period now to receive staking rewards from the 28th of December for 90 days onwards. A new version of Firefly that enables staking is now available.

During the seven-day pre-staking period, stakers can move their funds from exchanges to Firefly and mark them for staking in their wallet.

Stakers will receive their staking rewards starting from the 28th of December at 3:00 pm CET for the following 90 days.

Rewarded SMR and ASMB tokens will become transferable with the launch of each respective network in 2022.

Community Response:  I’m trying to move IOTA from Binance for a week now and it keeps telling me the network is suspended. Any idea how I can get it in my Fireflly wallet in time?

Other exchanges, but if they need few days to check your details, you should make an account right now.

Exchanges has suspended withdrawals, tried Binance and gate io but no luck. Team, please contact to Binance and help to enable the withdrawal.

Is gate down as well? Was going to try to sell off Binance and buy there and send over, but if that is the case then I won’t.

Same issue here, guess they either can’t keep up with the withdrawals or just don’t have the liquidity?

But sadly, that is the whole point to not store your coins on the big platforms, you don’t have control.  Hope it’s working out in time for you guys.

I have the same issue. Maybe we have to sell it, buy another crypto like Solana, transfer it to another platform, sell Solana and buy IOTA and transfer it from there. This is the only solution I see.

Not the best consolation, but Binance usually distributes staking rewards and airdrops of this sort (for example VTHO for VET, SGB etc). So, in the extreme, chances are you won’t miss the staking even if it stays stuck on Binance.